Elementary school is after preschool the second part of a child’s educational journey. Contrary to preschool, elementary school is a fundamental right and an obligation for each child. This difference underlines clearly its importance.

The role of primary education is to ensure a broad-based learning of the child. This includes development of the social, cognitive, cultural, emotional and physical skills.

Our primary school provides a rich, stimulating and caring environment where students feel happy, safe, secure and confident and where activities and lessons are planned in such a way to engage and hold them for as long as possible while keeping in mind the attention span of 5 – 11 year old students. For us, each student is unique and we take it as our pride to know each student’s knowledge, strengths, level of skills and weaknesses and to fully develop the hidden potential of each student.

In order to achieve this, Institut Aurora implements the Cambridge Primary program, a challenging student-centered program developed around Language Arts, Math and Science. Literacy and numeral skills are further developed in courses such as Social Studies, French, Computer, Art and Physical Education. Global topics in all courses are linked to local examples to help students make connections between what they learn and their everyday experiences. The Cambridge framework has a holistic student-centered approach which doesn’t only focus on academic but also on the social, emotional, cultural and physical development of each student.

We are proud to teach children how to think and not what to think.